The Hats Have Arrived!

Hi everyone Flossie here! sorry about the latness of the blog, it” all been a bit crazy.

I hope everyone is alright with the corona virus! Here in Ireland schools have been closed for not even a week yet and can you believe it, I am missing school! Anyway lets get nto this weeks blog!

I am really happy to say that after 9 weeks our Flossie and the Beach Cleaners hats arrived in Indonesia and now loads of the kids we met there have our hats! We do miss Indonesia and all the kids there!



We went on a beach clean in Bulloch harbour and we had some great help including my neighbour and a really nice second year called Aoife! The polystyrene was horrific we could barely get it, it was all just floating in the water and as easy as it looks you could not get it out! We found the floor of a boat which was really awesome! And a part of a tent which just kept going on and on and on!!! we found a lot more but it was nothing out of the ordinary… bottles and cans and fishing rig!img_4353



Greta Thunberg was in Bristol!!! I really, really wanted to go see her in Bristol and sail over but saddly we couldn’t! I was devastated and so, so sad about it because I really wanted to meet Greta since she was finally so close! But since I was not able to go to the strike in Bristol I went to the strike in my school bathroom! I watched the strike on my phone and it was amazing, ‘Bird Girl’ is incredible, you should check her out.


And then I went to the normal climate strike outside school and I brought a Greta mask so basically Greta came to my school climate strike I organise! It was very funny!img_4379img_4378

My Mum and I did a five minute beach clean by ourselves and we found some funny things! My Mum found loads of small things like straws and micro plastic and I found a sign!! it was very fun! People always give you the strangest looks when you walk by with a sign!img_4328



YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY I finally get to wear ear rings! I started with Plastic botteles and then I moved onto the sea ear rings and finally the octopus ear rings they are all awesome!




I had another brilliant turn out at my climate strike and I have made loads of new chants for us to say including

‘Were not here to cause a fight we are here to climate strike’


My Mum and I had a beach clean and my cousin Molly came to it and her Mum it was so fun because I haven’t seen her in months! If you remember from the beginning of  my blog I said that there was a lot of polystyrene but at this beach clean there was a amazing amount of polystyrene!img_4461

And my cousin found an unopen bottle of coke which is really old img_4475and she found holy water! Who leaves holy water on the beach?img_4466


I am super excited to say I was written about in a magazine  called RSVP and it was a super sweet article…img_4403img_4404

As we have the horrible corona viruse we are not aloud to climate strike so we are doing a online climate strike! I texted all my regular strikers and toLd them to send me a picture of them #onlineclimatestrike and they did so I made a video out of it! The corona virus might not allow us to climate strike outside but that won’t stop us climate striking on line and we won’t stop until we have a future!


This weeks story is called ‘The Glitter’

Once upon a time before a disaster struck the world, the world was peacful and happy! This was a world where humans believed everything was magical and most things were! In this world there were beautiful fairies and lovely mermaids and they basicaly controlled everything from the seas to the skys! The mermaids and fairies made everything: cars, bikes, TV’s and all of the rest so basically the world was run by magic!

One day a young girl called Kate was drawing a picture when she said out loud:

My picture would look better with something else but what? And why am I talking to my self?

So Kate decided to go and ask the fairies if there was anything they could make to make her picture look better but all they replied with was:

‘Your inner beauty is enough to make a picture shine’

But obiously Kate thought that was stupid and cheesy so she decided just to go home, but then on her way out she noticed a packet saying – 

Experimental ‘gliter ‘DO NOT USE!!!

Kate grabbed the glitter as she left! At home Kate was testing the glitter to see what would happen. She put some in a cake, but saddly when she ate it she vomited everywhere! Then she put it on her picture and said

‘It’s so beautiful!!!!!! What else can this stuff do I wonder?’

So Kate continued experimenting with the glitter, she put some in her hair and then looked in the mirror and said

‘Wow I have never looked so beautiful! This glitter makes you look so pretty!’

Kate was going outside to show off her new sparkly hair and first thing she left the house she was bombarded with people saying how beautiful her hair looked! People were continuesly asking what was in her hair but she new she could not tell anyone because she didn’t want the fairies to find out that she had stolen the glitter! So she decided she would keep it a secret but then she thought about how she could get people to clean her messy house in return for some glitter!

So she made a deal with different people, she had loads of people cleaning her house in return for some glitter in their hair! The good thing about glitter is that it stickis in your hair for a long time! So the new trend was born to have glittery hair! It was all going fine until the mermaids started to get really sick for an unkown reason, and everyone was always itching their hair almost as if they had fleas or nits! The fairies were really confused and worried for the mermaids because without mermaids there are no fish! So the fairies started to investigate what was going on it didn’t take long for them to realise the glitter was gone!!!!! The poor fairies were worried out of their minds because if the glitter washes out people could destroy the planet and the healthy biosphere of the sea, no wonder the mermaids were getting so sick!

The fairies went out to find who had been using the glitter but then they realised that everyone had glitter in their hair and loads of people were going for a swim in the sea with glittery hair! So the fairies asked around who was giving the glitter away until they found Kate! Kate didn’t realise how much damage she had caused and felt realy guilty after the fairies explained what would happen to the planet and the marine life and mermaids! So Kate became deffensive and said 

‘Why did YOU make the glitter in the first place if its dangerous?’

But the fairies could only answer with:

We were trying to make eco friendly glitter, if you just waited a few more weeks you could have used sustainable glitter!’

They told Kate that she was going to have to fix this and Kate sadly knew that it was true! First the fairies made Kate return the glitter and then she had to do the most tedious job in the world she had to get the glitter out of the sea by hand! It took 75 hours when she finally finished though she did think the fairies were being pretty lazy considering they could get all of it out in 1 second using their magic! but she decided not to tell the lazy fairies since she was already in enough trouble! Then the fairies used their magic to get the glitter out of everyone’s hair and the mermaids and the fish well they just had to hope for the best! Saddly the fairies and mermaids knew that they were no longer needed in the world and that the humans would be better off by themselves for now so they all left but if you swim deep enough in the sea or go far enough into the mountains you could find a mermaid or a fairy! Some say they still watch over us and inventors are only fairies and mermaids in disguise!

The End

This weeks video is a invetion that my Mum and I made to protect ourselves from the Corona Virus hope you like it!

Hope you liked this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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