Hi everyone Flossie here, Hope you’re all having a awesome week so far! Here in most schools in Ireland we have the week off because it is HALF TERM! That has given me time to beach clean more which has been fun anyway lets get into the blog!

Recently on a beach clean with the TY students my Mum and the students found a really old can! They can tell it’s old because it has an old fashioned ring pull on top! We don’t reconize the label, but then again how could I, I probaly wasn’t alive back then!img_4225img_4224
A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to the strike in  town! img_4193Sadly there was not as much noise as we wanted there to be about it so not as many people came! but it was still loads of fun! And I was in the newspaper for striking! img_4196img_4188Recently I got my ears pierced, I picked ear-rings that are my birth stone as starter ear-rings


My Mum and I did a talk to a big lawyers firm called: Mason Hayes & Curren. My Mum spoke about running the charity and I spoke about how it all began! It was fun and all the lawyers were having a vegan night which was so cool!

img_4221My Mum and I had a meeting with Tesco’s a few days ago and it was so cool! Turns out Tescos are removing 1.5 million pieces of plastic from their packaging which is so, so, so AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 


Lately in Ireland we have been having some nasty weather and it has been very windy! And worst of all everyons bins have been falling over and that means all the rubbish comes flying out and lands in the sea! So I made a video to show the council and politicians, in the video I brought my bin down to the beach and explained due to climate change that we need bin straps to stop our bins from flying open! 2238ad48-16c6-4353-86dc-82f672723006

44311c1e-5120-4af3-85fe-aa6d14c9f373My Mum and I had a half term beach clean for kids and we were very happy to have loads of great helpers and we found 18kg of beach pollution which means we have hopefully helped save some marine animals! As ever we found pants but this time it was girls pant!,img_4276 Alot of polystyrene,img_4273

We also found a cassette tape, img_4271and alot of fishing rig caught in the seaweed!img_4270


My Mum and I also went a mini beach clean at the end of our road, I didn’t tell my Mum about the giant rat I saw!!! 😂

We found lots of things in 20 minutesbest things were a Cuala flag and a pillow you use for flying!!!

This week I tried vegan Galaxy chocolate orange mand it was delicious! I loved I couldn’t even tell the difference which is mental and cool and the plastic is conpostible which is cool!

This weeks story is called ‘The Plastic Hot Air Balloon’

Once upon a time there lived a man called Billy, Billy was that type of person who would expect a dare no matter what it was because he always was looking for an adventure! Once someone dared him to eat a bug so he did, he was sick for 2 weeks but he decided it was worth it! One day he and his friend were watching TV when they saw a man had managed to travel around the whole world by boat! Billy’s friend said

‘Wow looks like the sea has finally been conquered’

Then Billy replied

‘[of course it has] come on man, he’s useless I am a lot more impressive!’

Pour Billy was very competitive and jealous so his friend decided to take advantage of this and dared him to travel around the whole world by air! Billy laughed and said I can do that in two weeks but if he couldn’t do it he had to help clean the beaches with the weird tree huggers!

It was a deal! Billy decided he would get around by hot air balloon! So he [borrowed] a hot air balloon and started his trip! Two days had past and he wasnt even half of a quarter around the world yet this made him very anxious! Then he realised he was running out of gas and he needed to land because without enough fire gas he coudn’t make it! So he landed on a small deserted Island which seemed to have a lot of plastic on the beaches! Billy decided to see what would happen if he burned the plastic and it seemed to work very well! so he brought loads of the plastic into his hot air balloon and started burning the plastic! He was going higher and faster then ever before and he was very happy with himself!

On the way Billy started to notice the clouds getting dark and over the next week he was getting very, very hot! He wasn’t sure why all of this was happening and why he always smelt chicken when a bird would fly over the balloon, but then he realised when he decided to take a break in Hawaii!

He noticed on the news they were constantly talking about climate change but they were using big words that no one could understand!

So he went to the local scientist to ask what climate change is about and if it is all just a big hoax or not! So the scientist told him all about it and how burning plastic is part of the problem! Billy decided he was a stupid scientist and that burning plastic was fine!

Billy decided to leave Hawaii but before getting back in the hot air balloon he went to the beach…on his way he noticed the clouds were still grey and it was very humid but also that loads of the flowers and trees were dead!! then he noticed a dolphin that was just a few feet away from the shore that had plastic around it’s neck which was strangling it! So he jumped into the water and quickly took out his penknife so he could cut the dolphin free!

Now Billy knew that climate change was not a lie and he could not let his planet die! So he grabbed the fishing rig and tied it to the bottom of his [borrowed] hot air balloon so it would be dragging along the surface of the sea when he was flying. He set off but this time he decided not to burn plastic, instead he flew the traditional way and thanks to the fishing rig he managed to get lots of plastic pollution from the sea!

When he finally got home his friend said

‘Where have you been you’ve been gone for 4 weeks’

Billy replied

‘Oh yeah sorry I decided to take a small holiday in Hawaii and then Tonga and I learnt so much about climate change and plastic pollution on my trip, in fact I am now going to start a campaign to clean all beaches around the world and to try and help ban plastic’

And he did!!

The End

My Mum had a vegan TY student (Aisling) come over this week who introduced us to some delicious vegan food so here are our recommendations of vegan junk food!

                       Vegan/Vegeterian Food

.Rebel Whopper [Burger King]

.Sausage rolls [Centra]

.Galexy Orange Chocolate [Tesco]

.Magnum Vegan Ice Lolls [Most Food Shops]

.Meatball Sub [Subway]

Chicken Burger [KFC]

Bon Appétit


This weeks video is an eco cooler it is so, so amazing and it is such a lovey idea for the countries that can’t afford air conditioning ! hope you like it as much as I do! 


My Mum took this picture this week of the sea to remember what a beautiful planet we live on and why it is important to save our planet…it’s also where we live!💚img_4157

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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