Virtual Beach Clean

Hi everyone Flossie here! Hope you’re all having the most fabulous week, I have so much to tell you guys including about a virtual beach clean………………………………….. Anyway lets get into this weeks blog!

On Tuesday I did a work shop with my Mum! It was loads of fun and the kids were so nice and some of them quite funny as well! It wasn’t just my first workshop it was also one of my Mum’s new TY students first workshops as well, she was called Maisie and was quite nervous, but she was great!! We were at Our Lady of The Waysode National School.


Later that day I went on a Liffy River kayak clean up as well, it was so much fun. I went with some of my Mums regular TY students form Newpark School.


We grabbed our bags, are gloves and our liter pickers and then we headed off [we also had paddles and kayaks , believe it or not!]img_4005img_4010At one point we were in a dark little place and we found loads of drugs…not great! img_4022My Mum even pulled out a glove from the water and it had 5 needles inside which was absolutely mental!img_4025img_4026img_4029

On Wendsday my Mum and I went on a 30 minute beach clean, we decided we would list what we foundas an experiment.  We found: 

2 tennis balls, 1 pair of glasses, 2 bottles, 2 needles, 1 mat, 1 lighter, 1 kinder egg surprise container, 2 medicine bottles, 2 womans sanitary products, 4 pieces of rope, 7 pieces of polystyrene, 11 pices of black plastic, 13 pieces of white plastic, 18 plastic lollipop sticks and lots of fishing line A LOT OF MICRO PLASTIC!!!!!!!!! and pants and a flip flop!img_3950img_3946img_4071img_3951

On Friday I had a great strike and 13 people came!! As ever it was loas of fun and it is always such a good environment! e87c6a05-6cd7-4dfd-812d-5b4abbaed38dThen the next week I had another brilliant strike not as many people but still alot!d96ffb2a-07c8-4de7-ae43-b61e34463e69

On Tuesday I went to an award ceremony and my Grandpa,Uncle,Grandmother, parents and two of my close friends came to it which was really nice. In the beiginning we were all waitng to hear who won, and then….img_4082I won an award and we were all so excited and SUPER HAPPY!!!! img_4089img_4096img_4085


So the virtual beach clean! It was with Galway and it was loads of fun, we had loads of great helpers including the amazing Sadie and her friend and sisters and a very very, very barky dog who wanted nothing else but to have a stick thrown for him! At the end of the beach clean we Facetime’d Glaway and compared rubbish. It was brilliant! In total between Dublin and Galway we foud 117 kilos …AMAZING!! Next month we hope to do a clean up with Cork!!

This was Dublin…


This is Galway!

This weeks story is called ‘The Slippery Plastic’

Once upon a time there lived a piece of plastic, this piece of plastic was called Bob. Bob had a sad begginng in life because you see when Bob was made he was a sweet wrapper but after the young girl got the sweet out she just let Bob fly away with the wind!

Bob thought to himself ‘ Why should I care what that stupid girl did, now that I’m free I will have more fun’ Bob was flying higher than normal, but then he fell and landed of the beach! Bob noticed some beach cleaners coming his way and when they arrived they didn’t miss him they picked him up and tried to put him in their bag! Bob dind’t want to trust a human again so he jumped and had a little spin! He slipped out of the beach cleaners hands and then they cried ‘ Get that plastic we don’t want a marine animal to die!’

More beach cleaners leapt over and tried to get Bob but he was to slippery and got out of all of there hands ‘ Goodbye you fools and once again I am free…HA!’


Then with a splash Bob landed in the sea! Pour old Bob was floating in the sea probaly on his way to the great pacific garbage patch……… BUT THEN! A seagull came to get a salty drink of water but accidently managed to pick Bob up and in gulp he swallowed Bob down!!!  Bob realised where he was, it was dark and smelt like dead fish but it was alright because Bob could see light and then with alot of pressure…


Bob was out and covered in white and brown paint! ‘ That was revolting’ Bob said in a shakey voice… ‘Useless bird, you are no good for anything!” Then Bob once again was in the sea he was wet he was smelly and a bit cold too! It was over, he didn’t care he just wanted all of this to end.

When he washed up on the beach he decided to go to sleep! When he woke up he was  being taken away by a beach cleaner and being put into a giant plastic bag. He was sad but the other pieces of plastic in the bag were happy ‘ Why are all you soft pieces of plastic happy?’ He said annoyed ‘ We’re going to be recycled and turned into something new!’ The other plastic said with a smile, then Bob understood he was going to be reborn!

When he made it to the factory he couldn’t wait because he ended up being part made into a bottle lid! 

Now every time Bob is in the bin he does not have to worry because as long as we have nice responsible people in the world he will always be reborn.

The End


This weeks video is about the amazing people in India who are building roads out of their huge amount of plastic waste they have there!


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