2020 WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you all had an AMAZING  Christmas and that you and all your families had loads of fun! Anyway lets get into this weeks blog.

On New Years day we did our first beach clean of the year, which was loads of fun and two kids from my school even came! It was really great and lots of people showed up which was really nice, also we collected 13kg of rubbish!

This week I was one of the judges for the charity Goal. We were judging schools that had done eco-friendly projects and it was so cool some schools even wrote raps on how they are becoming eco-friendly! it was loads of fun but sadly I cannot announce the winner yet!88ec77d5-128b-44c1-846d-00abdb46f3f4

Also this week my class and I went to Science fest at the RDS, it was loads of fun and I saw Mark science guy from Explorium!a33005e6-22d5-4ffa-888a-426ea6f82614 They had some cool experiments there, I also really loved seeing a boat that is used to examine different types of seaweed we have in the Irish Sea5ae67ffe-6a93-47e2-8825-ebfc4b759e8c and then there was another great stand that specialised in bee hotels and butterfly hotels!!! 67cacb9c-bc7c-45d5-bf26-245d10e9256eI would definitely recommend going there and cannot wait for next year!

This week I tried a Rebel Whopper………………………… IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!img_3876

 This week I was striking again and went really well but sadly could not get the sign into the picture!a03674f4-b9c0-4f82-840a-cd3609018daf

Let’s get on with this week’s story!

Princess Sealpunzel

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful seal called Sealpunzel. Sealpunzel was only a seal pup when it all began.

One day Sealpunzel was swimming in the sea with her mother when a HUMAN CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!! they got a terrible shock and Sealpunzel’s Mum swam away telling her to follow, but Sealpunzel was too scared so she swam in a different direction! When she finished swimming she found herself in a small sea cave. When she swam in she banged her head against the wall and that caused the rocks in the cave to fall down blocking the entrance, there was only a small crack in the wall almost shaped like a window. She wanted to get out but she just couldn’t because every once in a while more HUMANS would swim by and she was just too scared [It was almost as if sharks where circling her!] Luckily there was still enough room for fish to swim in so she wasn’t hungry! But if fish could get in so could plastic!

One day Sealpunzel realised something had floated into her cave through the tiny crack, it was long and green [it was fishing rig] and it had a hook attached to it. Sealpunzel swam over to it and then the hook went into her head! poor, poor Sealpunzel now had a hook and a lot of fishing rig on her head!!!!!!!!! Over the days more and more rubish started to float in and it all got stuck in the rig attached to her head!

After a year the fishing rig had so many plastic bottles and lobster pots and micro-plastic stuck to it her her head ended up looking like she had a head full of  long plastic hair!!  Every day she sat next to that tiny crack with all her rubbish dangling from it.

One day another seal was swimming around and saw her peeping out from the crack in the wall. So he swam up to her and said:

‘ Hi, whats that thing on your head?’

Sealpunzel replied:

Oh Hi, I don’t know it has been on me forever please help me…’

The seal replied:

‘Hi what’s that thing on your head?’

Sealpunzel replied that she had already told him and he has got to be the most silly seal in the world if he did not remember! But the other seal had a good answer for that…

‘Oh yes, sorry I am not going to lie you didn’t seem very interesting so I stopped listening then you said ‘ help me’ and I was a bit more interested!’

Sealpunzel  was quiet annoyed and told him to just go away! but that didn’t work because he was both an annoying seal and a sweet seal annd he did not want her to be on her own! Eventually she decided to tell him her whole story from beggining to end! The seal felt a even more sorry for her  and decided to come and visit her every day but he would always make sure the HUMANS weren’t around! One day he was trying to help Sealpunzel escape so she could finally live her life sleeping on the rocks in the sun, but saddly his plan of pulling her out did not work because he knocked some rocks over whilst doing it and then the small crack was destroyed!!!

Sealpunzel was really trapped and could not get out and now there was no way for any of the fish to swim in! Luckily the seal had a plan to get his new found love Sealpuzel out! First he did the unthinkable and swam over to one of the HUMANS. The HUMAN did not understand his howls so he just followed the seal under water to where Saelpunzel was trapped! The diver HUMAN still did not understand so then the seal shout…

‘Sealpuzel, Sealpunzel let down the rubbish on your head and then shout as loud as you can!’

So Sealpunzel let the rubbish out of the crack it got trapped in and then she shouted really loudly! Thankfully the diver HUMAN realised  what was going on mainly because there was more howling! He started to take some of the rocks away from the cave, and it worked because then he could clearly see Sealpunzel! He swam up to her and then and with a knife he cut the fishing rig out of her head and then he brought the rubbish to the surface… as for Sealpunzel she was FREE…


Once she finished screaming, she swam up to the seal and kissed him. Since that day she has been reunited with her mother and her and her new boyfriend have been sleeping on rocks on the surface sun bathing and swimming and eating fish!!!

                                                                  The End



This weeks video is of a snake in India it is really terrible and all to do with PLASTIC!

Hope enjoyed this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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