The Christmas Bottle!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having an awesome Christmasy week so far !!!!! I am Sssssssooooooo happy to say that the Dublin Bay Christmas Relay was AWESOME!!!!!! Any way before I talk about that I want to to wish you all a very sustainable and merry but mostly sustainable Christmas! Now let’s get into this weeks blog.

On Saturday my mum and I had our event the Dublin Bay Christmas Relay which was AMAZING!!!!! We cleaned 9 beaches in one day and we had so many helpers in total we collected 331 kilos of rubbish and 183 people came out to help, it was awesome!! One of the craziest things we found was someones ashes!!! it was loads of fun but sadly my Dad could not come because he was not very well!img_3649img_3683img_3710img_3698

This week I had my 1 year anniversary of striking it was so much fun it was just like the first strike down at the Daíl .

I went to a really cool strike a couple of weeks ago as well, it was for over fishing and the two girls there were dressed as mermaids it was awesome. img_3628I decided to wear fishing rig and a bouy . img_3618All the chants we did were very weird to me because they were like all my regular chants but they had different endings.

In school I had my Christmas strike which was a bit difficult but we got through it, it was hard because we were singing climate change Christmas carols so I had to teach them the words. It was my last strike with one of my best friends who is leaving sadlyf38e6c8c-2464-40f7-872e-c44732b72d3fa201eccc-133b-4eff-8e29-b0833412da30

This week I found out I was on Euronews in loads of different languages it was so cool to hear someone’s voice on top of mine and quite funny!!!!!img_3639

Hope you like this Christmas story it is called ‘ How The Plastic Bottle Failed To steal Christmas’

Once upon a time in Fishy Kingdom all the fish were happy There was nothing fearsome! But they were all especially happy at Christmas time because that meant there were never any crimes! At Christmas all the fish came together and sang some songs feeling light as a feather, and then they would all wait for Father Fishmas to arrive and give them all presents, presents such as: coral, worms and christmas hats [Which they continue finding for months after!] All was happy in the Fish Kingdom except for one unfortunate soul who always felt single! Up in the underwater cave lived a grumpy old plastic bottle! This annoyed plastic bottle was called Scontrosa and he hated Christmas after a sad tale that you will soon find out about!

Scontrosa hated the cheer and that there was no fear and he would do anything to stop the New Year!

He decided to come out and have a swim about…

When he was in public everyone stared and shrugged almost like they had seen a big bug!

(Did I mention Scontrosa was a plastic bottle and he had been hurt because he did not look like a model!)

So when he was out on every Christmas day everyone always just ran away!

That’s his tail of torture and saddnes even if it is a bit over dramatic!

This one day when he was out and saw all the fish play he decided this time he would not run away!

He picked up a sack that was lying on the ground then ran and ran and ran around!

He waited that night for Christmas to come then just after Father Fishmas it was his turn to run!

He ran out of his  cave and went to the village he was jumping and turning when he noticed a spillage!

All the presents were out and on the ground and so he made a loud sound…


Nothing I do ever goes right why can’t I even get a brake tonight?

Then a small little fish looked him in the eye and said to him with a wonderful smile!

‘We saw you unhappy and that just wouldn’t do, for at Christmas everyone shoud be happy… even you!’

Scontrosa did what he didn’t know he could still do and with an enormous smile, he said ‘Thank you’!

He realised the fish had thrown out their presents so that he woudn’t feel anymore torment!

Hope you liked this story, and don’t forget the simple gestures are the best Christmas presents and the great thing is quite often they don’t cost a penny!!! (I can’t stop rhyming!!)

The End

This weeks video is of the awesome Dublin Bay Christmas Relay hope you like it!

Hope you liked this weeks blog and I hope you all have a Happy Sustainable Christmas to all and to all a big THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  1. Anne Mc Laughlin says:

    Joyeux Noël Flossie 🎄🎁🎅 We are off to Donegal this morning fir 8 nights 🤩 🌟 You can be assure that we will clean the beautiful beaches up there! See you in 2020 Love from Anne & family 💖

    On Fri 27 Dec 2019, 08:44, wrote:

    > flossiethebeachcleaner posted: “Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all > having an awesome Christmasy week so far !!!!! I am Sssssssooooooo happy to > say that the Dublin Bay Christmas Relay was AWESOME!!!!!! Any way before I > talk about that I want to to wish you all a very sustainable a” >


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