The Documentary Is Finally Out!!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here and I am SSSSSUUUUUUUPPPPEEEERRRRR excited to announce the documentary about my life and my story is finally out!!!!!!!! I am so happy about it. Any way let’s get into this weeks blog!

I was so happy when the documentary came out so I had a bunch of friends over to watch it with me! It was loads of fun and we all ate so many sweets, then the next day I had family members and neighbours over so we could all watch it again! It has been a hard 8 months of filming But the documentary really was great! If you want to watch it, you can watch the 2 part documentary on the RTÉ player, it’s called: My Story, Flossie The Beach Cleaner

Last week I got to go back to the Daíl to strike which was brilliant and it was so much fun to strike as always, I also met a second year student who was stiking as well so we did some fun chants together!


I had to go to England a couple of weeks ago and we went to my Grannys friend’s house who has the coolest fire in the world !! It was not real but it looked real which was so awesome and a really brilliant way to still feel like you have a fire but it’s actually electric so it’s better for climate change – less carbon burning!!


We had a really good beach as ever where we found a deflated beach ball and I had a small knife so I was able to cut the rope out of the rocks!!!


I went to a really cool plastic strike organised by Friends Of The Earth where I got to literally lie in plastic bottles! We were protesting against how many plastic bottles are still being made and why the government won’t do a return and deposit system!! It was loads of fun especially because I  was still in my school uniform!9867cc93-39b3-414e-8aa8-d1f446159f23


I went to Explorium a couple of days ago with my friend because I had to do a short photo shoot and a small interview as well! Myself and Mark The Science Guy did the photo shoot outside in the pouring rain we were planting a tree to support Science Week!img_3386


I was very sad when I heard that Australia was on fire and my Australian penpal who I met whilst beach cleaning a couple of years ago (when she left a note in a bottle) had to leave her home and all her animals behind! Apparently 150 koalas died in trees from the fire which is so sad! The good news is the fire died down and she is back in her house but this is not good because this is a huge sign of climate change but we can stop we just need to take action now!!!


We have now got adorable outfits for our cats and they love them !!!!!!


When I was at school my Mum and her friend went on a beach clean and found a traffic cone which is so cool but bad, but cool!!! They also found a lobster pot, a paddle from a kayak, lots of bits and of course men’s pants !!!


This week to end climate week here in Ireland my friend and I left school to strike at the Daíl again which was so much fun I got to see people that I normally see in photos on social media who climate strike in other parts of Ireland!img_3252


This weeks story is called ‘The Plastic Man’ hope you like it

Once many years ago under the sea loads of plastic was being swished  around with the waves being pushed up and down side by side until it started to all go into one little corner next to a rock. Then one night after a big storm lightning struck down and hit all the plastic that the waves had pushed against the rock! This was when the plastic man was born he had plastic bottles for arms and two plastic lids for eyes he was a plastic man and he was definitely  alive!!!

The plastic man had no memory of what happened and how his plastic was formed all he knew was that he was alone under the sea with no one but the crabs and the fish who would do nothing but swim inside him.

One day he saw some scuba divers under the sea, he was scared because he had never seen them before and they looked like rubber aliens! so he stayed hiding behind the rock, but his fish and crab friends weren’t scared of them they were swimming right up to the scuba divers as if they were greeting an old friend! So he went to introduce himself, he jumped out from the rock and said in a loud Voice 

Hello would you like a hug rubber men? but don’t touch my elbows because that is where my sharp plastic is! I can cut seaweed with it! Would you like to see?

 In shock the men swam away screaming through their masks

The scuba divers screamed:


Plastic Man didn’t really care he just thought they were drama queens especially since there were no sharks in the sea for miles because it was summer and they would be in Forida eating some surfers! Then he decided he wanted to go with the rubber aliens to see what it looked like up there! So he decided to swim to the surface!

Once he got to the top he immediately loved it, the sun was so much clearer up there and there were so many for aliens ! He wanted to say ‘hi’ to everyone but most people were either freaked out by him or thought he was a new campaigning method to tell people to recycle and it was working because people thought he looked so realistic! [which he was] 

He really enjoyed it up there but like all holidays they have to end! So he went back into the sea but when he was in there he started to notice that bits of his plastic was starting to come off him and it was hurting his fish and crab friends! He was very confused and then he realised that the sun had weakened his plastic so it was starting to fall off and was hurting his poor fish friends, he decided to wrap seaweed around him but the micro plastic was still breaking off and on top of that more plastic was starting to get thrown into the sea, because it seems the stupid aliens thought as he went back to his home, that, that is where they should throw their plastic now!! He understood everything including that he needed to go back up there to the land of aliens, so he did and the fish became alot happier because of his campaign work and because his plastic wasn’t coming off him any more and polluting the sea!

The fish missed him a lot and he missed them so he did go back and visit every once in a while but now he was allowed to use the scuba diving outfit from the aliens to keep all the plastic on him!!!

The End

This weeks video is really good I really like it and I find it quite funny hope you like it too!

Greta spreading the word as ever 💚

Thank you all very much happy climate change week!!


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