Hi everyone Flossie here, and I reaally want to wishh you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This year I am dressing up as the rock legend Freddy Mercury!

In the past two weeks a good bit has happened and I just can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I am SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO excited because on the 12th and the 14th of November my documentary is finally coming out on RTÉ 2, I am so excited that I am having a little party at my house to celebrate!

This week I did a really awesome photo shoot with a bunch of amazing young activists and environmentalists like me! It was loads of fun and we got to carry a giant earth which was VERY HEAVY!img_3184img_3188

img_3186My Mum and I got a really cool tour of Vodafone which was so much fun and it was so cool they have a Vodafone shop inside the Vodafone offices!!! I am going to be speaking with the boss of Vodafone in a couple of weeks about climate change which will be amazing!!


The past two weeks I have been able to get even more people to strike with me outside school and we were allowed to wear are own clothes at one of the strikes which was so awesome!!!



My Mum has been doing more amazing plastic free workshops in junior schools but this time with some of her TY students from Newpark and they did a great job!


We went on a great beach clean with a lovely little girl called Stacey who loves cleaning the beaches and her Dad it was loads of fun we managed to fill two full bags, thank you for coming guys and a big Happy Birthday to Stacey!


This week we went to Cork to see my Dad’s friend and whilst we were there we decided to go to the beach to look for shells but we didn’t find any so we ended up looking for rubbish instead with the greatest help of Tilly who found the first pair of pants thank you Tilly! And my Dad made the Flossie and The Beach Cleaners logo perfectly in the sand along wih some other things! Oh yes and we found a lightbulb!img_3209



My Mum was doing her usual plogging over the 2 weeks and on one of her runs she found not 1 but 2 nappies 🤢!

This weeks story is called:

‘Careful What You Cross Your Fingers For!’

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Skel, Skel was a normal boy he had a nice family went to a good school and had good friends soooooo he should have been happy but he wasn’t for some odd reason! You see the problem with Skel was that nothing was ever right for him and he always felt like someone was out to get him! Skel always complained at home, at school, with his friends at the beach! He just never stopped!

One day whilst walking home from school he decided to take the beach route home, on his way he noticed a bunch of boys from his class, they had stolen a bunch of sweets from the local newsagents shop and once they finished their drinks they were putting crabs in the plastic bottles they had just drunk out of! Skel new that was not right so he decided to go over to the boys and tell them to stop and told them that what they were doing was not right, but the boys just laughed at him and started to make jokes that Skel was in love with a crab and stuff like that, Skel tried to explain to them that what they were doing was damaging and bad for the environment and that sea life deserved to not be wrapped in plastic, but the boys didn’t believe him and honestly found him quite amusing, eventually the boys just left and then Skel let the poor crabs out of the bottles and then he picked up one of the crabs up because he felt like the crabs might want to thank him but when he did the crab just looked at him with innocent sweet loving eyes and then the sweet crab……………………………………………. pinched his nose and jumped off his hand!

‘Last time I try to save a ungrateful crab!’

Skel said holding his painful nose, he decided to just go home!

The next day Skel and his friends went down to the beach! Skel decided to go for a nice long swim, but he suddenly realised he was very far out! THEN……He noticed that an out of control speed boat was coming his way! Skel panicked and as usual panicking is the worst thing to do! He crossed his fingers wishing harder then he had ever wished before…..He sunk to the bottom of he sea!!!


BUT THEN he heard a voice, Skel opened his eyes and he was under water but he could breathe! He was very confused and scared, Then he heard a voice

Hello child, please do not panic for I am the Lord of the sea, my name is Bubbles!

Skel slowly replied:

Oh mighty Bubbles am I dead? and why is your name Bubbles I mean you sound so magical and powerful butthen you let yourself down with the whole Bubbles thing!

Then the voice got louder


Skel was relived that he wasn’t dead but he was also very confused as to why he wasn’t dead!

I have placed you in a bubble so you can breath and the reason I did this was because you crossed your fingers so hard and showed me you really did not want to die so I am granting you with a power, a power to do whatever it is you want to do by crossing your fingers! but I must warn you that selfish wishes lead to….

Yeah, yeah, yeah I want my power!

Skel replied. Then Skel woke up on the beach with all his friends around him saying are you ok? we were so worried and so on! But Skel got up and replied:

I am more then ok I am now pretty much a God!!!!

His friends laughed! That evening when he went back home Skel decided to test out this new power! He crossed his fingers very tightly, closed his eyes and wished that his room would be filled with €10,000! Then when he opened his eyes he was shocked to realise that his room really was filled with money! And so it began where he started to wish for loads of things but they were all very selfish wishes! Then one night Skel had a dream and Bubbles was in his dream!

Stop making selfish wishes!

he said but Skel didn’t listen then Bubbles said furiously:

Every selfish wish you have made has destroyed our planet that bit more! Our seas are full of plastic half of our marine life are dead or sick The world is too hot… STOP this madness!!

At that moment Skel woke up and realised that everything that Bubbles said was true so then he tried to fix it, he crossed his fingers the other way and wished that all of his wishes were cancelled, he then turned his wishes into planet saving wishes! He wished for the plastic problem to be solved then he wished that he had a bamboo toothbrush and that clingfilm was banned! By making these wishes he cooled the planet down a bit and from then he continued to keep up his plastic free campaign until the seas and oceans were saved!

Since that day Skel was more grateful for everything and he never ever, ever crossed his fingers again…unless he really needed to!!!!


This weeks video is really funny it is of a pearl fish well you will see what it does!


Hope you all liked this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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