Elastic Challenges Plastik Plastik!

Hi Everyone Flossie here hope you’ve all been having a great couple of weeks! ALOT has happened in the past two weeks and I cannot wait to tell you all about it so let’s get on with this weeks blog!

Last week I got to go to an award ceremony to see if I was going to win ‘Changemaker Of The Year’………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I Didn’t!!!!!!

I was a bit disappointed but that’s ok because I was mentioned in a speech instead by Roz Purcell and I was so grateful but when I went over to thank her well it turns out I thanked the wrong woman but in my defence it was a very dark room!!!!! Roz found me in the end, sh was LOVELY and is definitely a Changemaker!!!img_3058 A week before the award I went in for a quick photo shoot with all the AMAZING women in my category! It was alot of fun and there was loads of delicious chocolates and sweets around so my Mum and I filled our boots! Before doing it I had my hair done and then I went in for the photo and it was awesome!img_2942

And then I did a individual photo which was so cool and fun and in the article I got to mention my little cousins which made me happy!img_3122

On the night on the award ceremony when we arrived there were a lot of adults talking and a lot of alcoholic drinks around but don’t worry I didn’t have any! After a while of being there we finally were called into a room where we all got to sit down and get ready to hear who won…. whilst waiting my Mum and I were having a lot of fun then my Dad and Uncle arrived just in time for the award giving part!img_3059



We had photos taken in front of the professional photographer section…My Dad and Uncle were making poser faces for a joke….It was loads of fun!

I did talk at Dun Laoghaire library which was brilliant because in the beginning of the summer I launched the Star Reading Competition and then I got to close it! I didn’t have many questions but it was still loads of fun! I had my friend there watching me who made some funny faces which made it very hard not to laugh!!!!!!!!img_2944

We went on a beach clean a few days ago which was really fun and we found SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many things, it was crazy! We had our regular lovely family, Karen Cory and her brother and their friend! We found this incredible VERY old pot that has been floating around for so many years that the seaweed has replaced the handle, we actually pulled it put of the sea by the seaweed handle….!!!!img_3016



The strikes outside school have been going really, really well! We have started to get a few more people and we are doing a lot of chants until our throats are sore! And loads of cars and people are waving or beeping!img_1555img_1553

This week I made my Mum a trophy out of plastic bottles which was really fun and then I painted it ! Just to wish her good luck with her first ‘Flossie And The Beach Cleaners’ Work Shop in schools! which went


The Schools she visited so far are:

Drumcondra National School – Junior  Infants – 6th Class

Dalkey School Project – 4th Class

Glenageary National School – 5th Class

Balinteer Educate Together National School – 4th Class

St Catherine’s National School – Rush 5th Class


My Mum and I were on Ireland Am this week which was loads of fun it was so cool being in a studio that looked like a house! Before going on we had a bit of powder put on our faces to make sure our faces weren’t too shiny for the camera!img_3106

We were interviewed with another man who is helping with Extinction Rebellion, we had different opinions about how to reach people but that was still good because we are all working for the same cause to make are planet healthy again!img_3108


This week’s story is called: ‘King Plastik Plastik gets over Thrown!!’ Hope you like it…

Once upon a time under the sea King Plastic Plastik was sitting on his throne doing absolutely a big load of NOTHING!!!! Then one of his guards walked in and said in a shaky voice too scared to deliver the bad news because the person who normally delivers bad news is the one who is thrown into the dungeon!!!!!!
‘Excuse me King Plastic Plastik’
‘Please call me King Plastik Plastik the awesomest one of all’ (King Plastik Plastik said in a kind voice!)
‘Well King Plastic Plastik the awesomest one of all, a man is here to see you and talk about how you’re doing as the King of the seas.’
There was a couple of seconds of silence before King Plastik Plastik finally replied with a massive smile on his face!
‘Oh good, its always nice to meet someone who appreciates myself as much as I do!’
King Plastic Plastik swam out the room and into the next room where the man was standing. He was quite skinny and young and didn’t have nearly the amount of muscles that King Plastik Plastik had. King Plastic Plastik smiled at him and said
‘So I hear you want to talk about my awesomeness as a King?!’
But the man shook his head and said
‘NO, actually I am here to rid you of your throne and take over instead. By the way my name is Elastic nice to meet you!’
King Plastik Plastik stood there getting more and more red until he screamed


Then King Plastik Plastik called all his guards and told them to throw this crazy man into
the dungeon but before they could do so Elastic took out his underwater phone and showed them a video of loads of plastic at the surface of the water… and then Elastic explained that since King Plastik Plastik claims to have invented plastic that means that he is responsible for this mess
‘Also my name is Elastic not Epastic! And since I brought this up and you have no other relatives I say that I should be King of the seas!’
King Plastik Plastik looked very confused and didn’t know what to do or say so he just simply said
‘Well guards what are you waiting for off with his head!’
But the guards didn’t move because they didnt know who to obey the new guy or the guy who has some serious anger issues! They ended up going on Elastics team and then they kicked poor  King  Plastik Plastik out of the castle!!!
Plastik Plastik didn’t know what to do he had nothing, his massive crown his throne his palace nothing! And poor Plastik Plastik didn’t have many friends considering he always was sending people into the dungeon! Then Plastic Plastik said
‘What am I doing, I AM King Plastik Plastik the greatest King that has ever lived ! No way is any one ever going to try to kick me off my throne, I am the King and I am getting my throne back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He walked up to the castle and said to the guards
‘Get out of my way I am the King!’
But the guards still said no and wouldn’t let him in, so instead he decided to simply push them both over and run as fast as he could to get to his throne and throw whatever his name was off because it was Plastik Plastik’s throne, King Plastik Plastik’s throne!! When he finally made it there He said
‘Epastic get off my thrown, go on shoo!’
Elastic replyed frustratedly
‘Elastic my name is Elastic and no, I will not!’
Then King Plastik Plastik ran up and pushed him off the throne and said with a happy sigh
‘Oh that is so much better!’
Then he explained to everyone that he might have claimed to invent plastic but it is not his fault how people mis-used plastic. He decided that he was innocent but also to make up for it  he would stop sending people to the dungeon instead he would just simply make them clean the surface of the water which is covered in plastic! And since Elastic was so concerned about it [not] King Plastik Plastik decided to let him clean it for a whole two years!
The End
This week’s video is so cool…a sleeping octopus that chages colour whilst it dreams!!!!! I love marine life!!!

Hope you all liked this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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