The Fish Strike we

Hi everyone Flossie here hope your all having a awesome plastic free week! Sorry I haven’t written my blog in a while but I was on holiday in France because my parents decided that we needed a break and a holiday after what was an amazing but tiring trip anyway lets get on with the blog!

Since we have got back home my Mum and I have been cleaning the beach every evening as long as it has been nice weather and normally we have helpers, it’s either a friend of mine who is on a sleepover or some nice kids on the beach either way it is really nice! On one of our cleanups we met two lovely boys who helped us on a beach clean where we found LOOOOOOOAAAAAAAADDDDDDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of plastic bottles and two inflatable sharks, the boys where really nice and do beach cleans in America which is so awesome!img_2197img_2218img_2196

And on one of our other beach cleans my friend came over for a sleepover and she helped which was fun and we found a metal fork

31a7f29f-ffd3-4f09-ab94-2002732dba18Goggles and loads moree66c989a-b3d0-4832-a8b3-d667d307914bWe didn’t find too much which was really good but we did find a lot of toys..and of course men’s swimmers!!!!e817aba3-70fb-4177-82df-0a6539d5fd2398118d57-cccd-449e-b55e-195657c409daand this is what it looks like when the toys and clothes are seperated from the rubbish… we are picking up more toys and clothes than rubbish at the moment!270caaf9-e966-499c-af11-7f3c437a972fThank you Abi! [Sorry about the picture I am not good at selfies at all!}3f40ec7f-a914-4218-a801-cf29e621e391A couple of days later I was having another sleepover with a friend who was happy to do a quick beach clean with me, and on this beach clean we found a handbag with loads of sweets inside which was so tempting to eat since I am a child but I didn’t in the end… I’m not going to lie I kind of wish I ate at least one!img_2185img_2182Then my friend and I decided to pose in the pictures what do you all think?img_2183

Yet again when we separted the rubbish, there was little rubbish but loads of toys and clothes….crazy people!!!

img_2184Thank you Roisin!!

When we went on holiday to France it was a nice break except fot the part where we couldn’t stop beach cleaning because we are pretty much addicted to it now which is ridiculously hilarious! When we arrived we went to the beach and relaxed but the next day whilst swimming I started to notice things and then every day I would go #plimming

#Plimming is swiming and picking up rubbish at the same time!

and one day I managed to find all of this in the sea…cfb5d109-bc36-4b1b-ba46-fe557c95b2ca

But the coolest thing I found was definitely a really old plastic bottle that had things growing on it, it was so old ! This was it before we washed itimg_2264This was it after being washed still pretty dirty!img_2265here is he video I made about it

Every day when my parents and I would go out to the shops to buy lunch we would always bring the bag (made form rubbish found on the beach on Lombok) we got from Gili Eco Trust on Gili T, it is such a cool bag!!img_2241

On one of the days we decided to get in contact with some beach cleaners there to help them with a beach clean, we just can’t help oursleves! We didn’t find much but we did manage to fill a whole bottle up with 703 cigarette butts in less then 40 minutes which was crazy, I suppose it is just so wierd for me because you dont find many cigarette butts on the beach in Ireland ! There were so many people on the beach clean but saddly they will all be gone soon because they are all going to university which is a bit of a shame but anyway it was a really cool beach clean and I think anyone who is on holiday should try and go on a beach clean at least once a week.a8283983-6bed-491a-a7d2-38ff03e0e475443b6b37-8180-444c-9895-d55f8978396c4012d94c-59f2-45ef-be6d-8c4b632776d9c6c66fd9-30cf-4e72-848c-08485a52dc00

On the way home my Mum had the same problem she had a year ago with getting a cup of tea on an Aer lingus flight! They give you so much plastic to make a cup of tea, so my Mum and I made a video to show how easy it would be to use hardly any plastic, we put the video on all socail media for everyone to watch…it was so much fun to make the video. Also these are the before photos of how much plastic it took to make one cup of tea on the flight .


A couple of days ago my Dad was doing a 10 km run So my Mum and did  6KM run and it was so cool because in case you got thirsty were there and instead of handing out plastic cups they gave you actual cups and once you had finished the water there where bins where you could put them in and they would wash them later which was so cool!


On Wednesday I was doing a quick photo shoot in the first hotel in Ireland that has got rid of all their plastic bottles in their rooms! They normally put 254 plastic bottles a day in 127 rooms but now they have a jug of water in each room which is so awesome! the Amber Spring Hotel is so cool and amazing and doing everything they can tp become as plastic free as possible!!




img_2358This weeks story I wrote because I want to encourage anyone and I mean anyone who is reading my blog to strike with us outside the Dail because there is hardly anyone there anymore which is not what we want. So strike with us every Friday at 1pm here is a video I made about it!

The Fish Strike!

Once upon a time under the sea there was a problem, all the fish were really upset because all the adults were making the decisions of how they can pollute the sea next, they wouldn’t listen to the commands of the fish to stop putting rubbish in the sea and to start listening to the scientists because they could help save them!

It was was really annoying for the fish and they got so annoyed especially when the intelligent people were saying that there would be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050 unless the adults change their ways. So the fish decided that they had, had enough of just letting humans destroy their world whilst the humans are still swimming around and snorkelling, over fishing and letting their plastic float away into sea! But the fish didn’t want to start a revolution and war so instead they went on strike they stopped everything, letting the humans eat them for supper swimming around so people can see them and swimming into plastic bottles to make it look like they can adjust and that it is cute! They just stopped everything and some fish even made signs to say clean up this mess, this went on for a long time until the fish understood that the humans have also been striking against their government because they too were also having problems other than plastic pollution, like the earth getting too hot and the air being poisoned…

The fish are still striking, they have started to appear again but whilst they are making an appearance they are also swimming alongside alot of plastic that all of us humans have created and the fish want us to know that the humans have to STOP!!!!

The End


I  absolutely love the Ocotopus, and this is so sad that an ocotopus would want to make a home out of rubbish and even worse when like so many other sea creatures are trapped and its all our fault….

Thank you all very much see you all soon bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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