Darkness into Light!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having a fantastic, dramatic, exciting, plastic free week! Anyway lets get on with this weeks blog.

On Saturday my family and I went to Ballycotten in cork for the ‘Sea Food And Shanty Festival which was really fun! We stayed with my parents friends who had two lovely kids who were almost my age. I was invited there to go on a beach clean, judge a competion of who made the best picture out of rubbish and give a quick talk. It was a fun weekend! It was a long car journey [Well two and a half hours, but everyone has got to remember two hours is something like a year to a kid!} When we arrived we were very happy!! The next day we all went on the beach clean which was so windy and there was hardly any RUBBISH!!!!!!!!! It was so weird. img_1032After the beach clean we went to the place where they were given tea and coffee. Then we went back and relaxed for a little while,  me and the other kids played until it was time to go out again but this time to the actual festival! When we arrived it was filled with colours sea food stalls a band playing who were really great and ICE CREAM!img_1035 It was so much fun and Helen who organised the festival told me the winners [There were four people who entered and four people won!] img_1019-1img_1023img_1024After my speech we went back and watched some TV, and the next day we went home [nnnnnooooo another long journy] 

On Friday My Mum and I went to Bloom To meet Cully from ‘ Cully and Sully’ and a scout leader whose Brownies built a chair made of plastic bottles it was really cool and really comfy as well! There were loads of plastic bottles and there were plastic bags a wrappers inside it! img_1003Cully was really nice and we did a live interview on Instagram whch was fun! [But as you can see in this picure I am looking perfectly hilarious]img_1004

I got my jabs for Indonesia a few weeks ago [ Iam not going to lie I was in pain afterwards and I wasn’t able to put my arm in the air without being in pain for 24 hours, but other than that, yeah it was fine! The nurse was really nice, it turns out her niece strikes outside the Dail most weeks as well! When the nice nurse found out that I clean the beaches she didn’t only give me a lollypop but she also gave me a cool water bottle that I put these cool tablets in, the tablets turn any water into clean water so I can drink it, the tablets should be as many as 30 plastic water bottles !!img_1072 She was so nice so thank you so much to the TMB, Dun Laoghaireimg_1069

Speaking of the Dail last week I decided to dance whilst shouting a chant with my friend Lucille

Then after that she came around to my house and we decided to make choclate biscute cake for my Dad’s Birthday, since my Mum was out we decided to follow are own recipe [neither of us have ever actually made a chocolate biscuit cake] First we melted the choclate, then we crunched up a packet of stale short bread biscuits, we put half a Boost in it, added a lot of sprinkles, added some caramel and waited for it to dry the we put haf a packet of stale biscuts on top for decoration!img_1011

On Monday I had a beach clean and loads of people came! We found a lot on the beach clean even if saddly I was just sitting in a corner picking up tiny pieces of plastic because I still have a sore leg! But we got: a shopping trolly,img_1050a plastic thing that sad Glossy on it,img_1047Mens pants and loads more But on the beach clean I found something that made me want to vomit, I thought it was all seaweed but it turns out it wasn’t it turns out it was actually……………………. millions of tiny black bugs I am normally fine with insects I think they are quite cool but this just made me want to vomit!!!!!!!img_1052-1img_1051-1img_1048All week I have been helping my Mum by packing the gift bags for the launch of the charity ‘Flossie And The Beach Cleaners Charity’ and I have been making a giant photo booth shaped like a bottle and and it is made of all the the bottles that I found on the beach! I have almost finished the bottle shaped selfe booth

but no-one can see it until Saturday!!!!!!!

 Anyway lets get back to the gift bags well I packed them… I packed a lot!img_1064

This weeks story is called ‘The Bottle Over Time’

Once many, many years ago or maybe just 1947 a man called Nathaniel Wyeth decided he wanted to make something very important that would help the world and improve it but he never knew what to make he spent years wondering what it was that could change the world that he could invent? [ It changed the world alright!] Then he realised it, no one actually enjoyed drinking out of horible glasse bottles pluse they were SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO HEAVY!!!!!!! And he did just hear of a new invention called plastic! So that was it he decided to make a bottle that was not made of horrible glasse [Even if it was better for the environment] It took him months of testing until he finally managed to do it, he managed to make……………….. A plastic bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone wanted one and they were flying off the shelves in shops in seconds! But with a knew invetion comes a new Shakespeare tragedy!!! because the first plastic bottle ever bought was thrown on the beach!!!!!!!!!! [ This is where the story really begins] The bottle was just lying there on the beach until the waves picked it up and brought it out to sea! The bottle was floating in the sea and no-one would pick it up because not everyone had heard of the plastic bottle… some thought that it was a new sea creature and just in case it was anything like the shark in Jaws they didn’t want to touch it! With the first year of floating in the sea the bottle saw a lot in the crystal blew waters, filed with all the different colored coral you could ever imagine! All the fish in the sea were fascinated by the bottle because all the bottles they normally see are not floating they are just on the beach or at the bottom of the water! After 30 years the bottle had met a lot of his kind floating with him! The bottle became a bit confused though because small bits of him were starting to fall off and those greedy fish were eating him!

It has now been 450 years the poor bottle is finally sinking to the bottom of the water he has almost completely disintegrated but he has lived an amazing life, he has travelled the world he has been to the Bemuda Triangle and really knows where it is and what happens, he has met so many whales and other marine life he has also met so many of his kind floating with him but now it is time for this bottle to go!

THE END – told you it was a tragedy!!

This weeks video is really cool about a guy who made darkness into light naturally!!


I hope you liked this weeks blog, can’t wait to show you photos for next week!!!!!


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